How to play slot machines and get prizes using casino bonuses

How to play slot machinesand do not lose

Today, free slot machines belong to those casino games that have already achieved legendary status, but the number of people interested in how to play slot machines and/or pokie games is gaining all the time. Almost all newcomers, even those, who always live Poker and Roulette, try them.

The reason for this fantastic popularity is simple: online casinos reward gamblers with special bonuses and free spins that make winning easier. Nevertheless, it is still not clear how to win on slots even with bonuses: it seems, the casino usually has an advantage.

How to play slot machines to win

Nowadays people don’t have to visit any land casino — they can easily play slots staying online, being at home or elsewhere. Meanwhile, there are a number of things to consider.

  • Gamblers, who are eager to learn how to play slot machines, have to know slot machines best odds and those tricks that really work;
  • If a person has not had any casino gambling experience, then he has to play much: free games can be chosen for training;
  • Player must have a clear mind (no alcohol or drugs before and during the dame) as concentration is a “must”.

Some players asking slot machines how to play questions are interested if manipulations work. In fact, just like with Roulette, Blackjack or other games, this is not possible. Rather, gamers are recommended to apply strategies that help to increase the amount of playing money used. Gambling cleverly, the player will hit a jackpot sooner or later and that is exactly what even new players should be about.

Winning casino gambling strategies

Regardless of whether a person plays, if he uses the mobile cell phone app or the desktop, the strategies are always the same. Unfortunately, many do not understand how to use a casino bonus. Top players always use a bonus that they receive after signing up and depositing. This makes the profit more likely as the credit increases. The strategy is as follows:

  • Casino client uses bonus offers and free spins;
  • He is looking for a slot with the best RTP to maximize the chance;
  • He plays a few rounds for free and warms up to win the jackpot;
  • After the first run comes, slot machine with bonuses and/or jackpots can be chosen finally: when a person is aware of how to play slot machines, he must not hurry up with high bets.

Making real bets and watching the reels closely, the player can correct the bets sums.

The best slots to win money

Those, who are interested in how to play slot machines and win huge prizes, can try these jackpot and bonus games:

  1. Mega Moolah;
  2. Starburst;
  3. Cleopatra;
  4. Book of Ra;
  5. Guns’n’Roses, etc.

This method allows a player avoid risking his money without being well prepared. It is important to accept good offers and practice a lot. This way one can make it easy to find luck in the game. Playing slot machines, people can win millions.

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