Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series by NetEnt

High Lo Switch Professional Series

The rules of Hi/Lo Switch Pro, which was released by Net Entertainment, are incredibly simple. You choose any one of them and guess whether the next card is older or younger. If the situation seems too confusing, you can swap the cards for new ones.

Play online Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series

Hi/Lo Switch Pro is a free online card game in which you have to guess whether the next card will be older or younger than one of the three that are on the table. The game uses a standard deck of fifty-two cards without jokers. It is shuffled before each deal. The lowest card in the deck is an Ace, the highest card is the King. Unibet Casino Red has three tables for the game in Hi/Lo Switch Pro with different betting ranges: Low Roller – €0.10-5, Standard – €1-40 and High Roller – €25-500. Payout ratios are fixed. They are listed in a special table.

The theoretical return of the game Hi/Lo Switch Pro is 96.62% (official data from the manufacturer). The user makes a bet and gets three open cards. Above each of them there is a Hi button, and under each – Lo button. Next to them, there is an indication of the amount the player will get if he wins by choosing this option. Naturally, there are no such buttons above the ace and the king, because these cards are the youngest and the oldest in the deck.

High Lo Switch Professional Series by NetEnt

After a successful move, the amount won is added to the bet. It can be taken away and start a new round or left on the line. There is no margin for error. The first wrong choice means losing the entire bet.
In addition, the client can swap all the cards twice for free. If he manages to win three times, he gets another opportunity to change cards.

How do I play the Hi/Lo Switch Professional Series? (Interface)

The Hi/Lo Switch Pro table has a special layout with four boxes (three for cards and one for betting). Next to the boxes after the cards are dealt, there are Hi and Lo buttons.
The game Hi/Lo Switch Pro has a simple control panel with several buttons:

  • Switch – switch cards (with the number of attempts available)
  • Collect – to pick up money
  • New Bet – make new bet
  • Rebet – to repeat bet

Information about the balance, stake size and payout amount appears in the line under the control panel. In the settings you can disable various sound options and select the speed of distribution. Also Hi/Lo Switch Pro has a help section (in English).

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